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Sandits are versitile, portable, non-conductive and waterproof sanding sticks made to get the job done fast!

The Sandits Story


Have you ever needed to clean or sand someting in a tight spot? Dont want to spend the money for a power tool for one job? Not near a power outlet?

Sandits are a prime example of necessity being the mother of invention. The inventor had an old radio he kept outside, and one day it stopped working. The Inventor, being rather handy, saw that the battery connections were all corroded. He wanted to clean them, and found himself trying to wrap sandpaper on a screwdriver to get into the tight area. It proved to be very difficult, and didn't work that well. Out of that, he came up a cotton swab shaped sanding stick, a Sandit!

At the Sandits Factory!

Recently, Paul got the chance to visit the factory where Sandits are born!

Paul Werlin, President of Orion Products Group at SANDITS factory at Wuyi
City Zhejiang Province, China 3/22/2015
Left to right: Jacky Tao, Quality and Service Manager, Complete
Manufacturing, Shanghai, China, Paul Werlin, Lillian and Lance, Owners of
Zhe Jiang Sowell Commodity Co. Ltd.


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Now Available! New 120/180 WEDGE shaped SANDITS!!!

We've received hundereds of requests for a SANDIT with flat surfaces and a taper to get into really tight spaces. Well, we're happy to announce that the newest member of the SANDITS family is now available- THE WEDGE. This new SANDIThas 120 grit on one end and 180 on the other. And, like our other SANDITS, is waterproof, reusabler and disposable. You can use all SANDITS in so many ways, and now with our WEDGE, you can find even more uses in:

- Jewelry making

- Automotive, motorcycle and bicycle paint and chrome

- Fiberglass, teak and chrome found on boats

- Fine-finishing on wood, plastics and metal

- Any place you need polishing, smoothing and finishing without scratching

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Sandits in the Media:

Sandits made a big splash (scratch?) at the Craft & Hobby Association Event for 2014! Click here to see the interview with inventor, Paul Werlin at CHA 2014!

In August, Paul Werlin, inventor of Sandits, was a guest on 'Home Talk USA,' the nations most listened to home-improvement radio show. Click Here to listen in!

Sandits are useful!

People from all walks of life are finding out how handy Sandits really are. Here they are being used by the wonderful Creative Paper Clay folks to make an amazing clay sculpture. Click here to find out more!